Want to be a Lottery agent?


If you own or manage a retail outlet and wish to sell National Lottery products, simply call our offices on 01-836 4444 and request an application form or alternatively print off the form using the link at the bottom of this page and send it back to us.  On receipt we will contact you and arrange for one of our Sales Representatives to call/visit your premises and discuss your application.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the application and appointment process.





What are the steps required to become a National Lottery agent?

Request an application form from the National Lottery by ringing 01-836 4444.  We will send you an application by post.  Fill out the form and return it to us.

A sales representative will visit your premises to complete an assessment (this usually happens within 4-6 weeks from receipt of your application form).

If your application is successful, security will be required in the form of a Bank Guarantee or Cash Deposit before your agency can be activated.


What is meant by a cash deposit or bank guarantee?

We require retailers to have some form of financial guarantee – A Guarantee is a document underwritten by your bank for the value determined by PLI DAC (in the instance of New Retailers this is €5,000). If a guarantee is not available a deposit by draft or EFT is acceptable.

Key criteria for selection include Turnover, Footfall, Nature of business, Location & Trading Hours.


What kind of equipment needs to be installed in my premises?

Lottery Terminal – this is the terminal that all Lottery transactions are processed including the printing of all draw based game tickets and is linked directly to the National Lottery’s central systems.

Telecommunications – terminal are connected to the Lottery’s central systems using 3G and DSL broadband connections.

Point of Sale Kit of Parts – i.e. Scratch Card dispenser, Playstand where appropriate, outdoor signage and any other hardware or promotional material deemed suitable by the National Lottery.


I am changing from a sole trader to a company, what needs to change?

You need to fill out a new application form which will require a new bond and new direct debit forms.  Your agent number will change and you will be advised accordingly.


Who pays for the telecoms connectivity?

The National Lottery pays for the installation, maintenance and data traffic associated with the telecommunications solution deployed in-store.


What’s the difference between 3G & DSL broadband?

3G is a wireless mobile solution which hunts for the best mobile signal available whereas DSL is a hard-wired connection.


How do I cancel my agency?

It is important that you make contact with Lottery Head Office 30 days in advance of any intention to cease trading or relinquish your agency as is conditional in the Agent agreement.  We will organise the paperwork accordingly and arrange for our engineers to remove equipment where appropriate. One of our support team will liaise with you on the return of unused stock and the finalising of the account.


Do I have to sign a contract with the National Lottery?

Yes – a standard retailer agreement must be signed before you begin selling National Lottery products.


I am applying under a Company Name, what is required?

Your company needs to be registered with the Company Registration Office (CRO).  If it hasn’t been registered, then a letter from your Solicitor/Accountant to confirm that the applicant is a director of said company.


Will a credit check be undertaken?

Yes – we will conduct a credit check when processing your application form.